1. Purpose
Purpose to devote time and energy to the study of God's Word. Paul said, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (II Timothy 2:15). Studying the Bible should be a lifetime task; however, to do this one must have a sincere purpose to learn the Bible.

2. Place
Find a place in your home where you do your studying. Otherwise, your studying will be undisciplined, spasmodic and unsuccessful. The place where you study should be well-lighted, comfortable and quiet.

3. Time
You may have purpose and place, but if you do not take the time, you cannot succeed in your search for Biblical truth. Satan will tell you that you are too busy. This is not true. It is a matter of priorities. Stop some of your "busyness" of lesser importance. At first, you may have to force yourself to take time. Later it will become easier.

4. Prayer A Necessity
Before beginning the study of each lesson, please pause for prayer. The Bible is a spiritual book. To understand it, you must be in a spiritual attitude. Prayer will help.

5. Method Of Study
When you begin the search for your answers, it will prove helpful if you will first read all the true-false statements and the completion questions. This will give you guidance in your search. The first time you read the assignment, you should find answers to the true-false statements. You must observe closely and analyze accurately in order to find the right answer. You will need to study through the assignment a second time to answer your completion questions. Be sure to note the chapter and verse to later verify your answers.

6. Grading Your Lesson
An answer sheet is provided for each lesson. Please do not look at the answer sheet until you have thoroughly studied your lesson and answered completely all of your statements and questions. To determine your grade for the lesson, you should count two points off for each incorrect answer. For example, if you miss five answers, you would subtract ten from one hundred, and your grade would be ninety.

7. Tell Somebody
Your Biblical knowledge will be more easily remembered if you will daily tell somebody about your new found truth. Tell your companion, your children, visit a neighbor, use your phone and call a friend. Tell it in the streets, in the marketplace, in the beauty salon. Just tell somebody. This will help you retain what you learn.